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Feel Comfort On Home Stays In Nepal

There comes a point when a traveller is fed up of the grandiosity of monolithic hotels with their overly servile atmosphere and generic hospitality and embark on a quest to truly understand the culture, traditions, art, foods and music of the country s/he is visiting by being nearest to its country-folks. More so in Nepal, which homes countless ethnic groups with their unique culture, traditions, dialects, and hospitality; many of such groups are found only in a specific region of the country too. Living with the common folks, eating the food they eat, celebrating the festival they celebrate, sing the songs they sing—it is just fulfilling, homely and such a positive experience. This is a welcoming contrast and a much-needed change of pace from the everyday life.

Homestays are sometimes a compulsion for a tourist, too. Despite having countless locations suitable for tourism, not all of these places in Nepal have caught the eyes of investors for hotels to be built. Probably for the best, if one can rationalize. The rustic setting with the mud and wood houses, the unique cultures different from every other place, the cheerful and sanguine faces, the joy of religious festivities—only the homestays are capable of bringing them to a tourist. But above all, homestays in Nepal gets a visitor to feel as one of the native residents rather than an outsider in a foreign soil. Ergo, it is a must in every tourist’s bucket list.